I have been waiting to drive my own car since I turned 18! I always thought it would take some time till I could buy myself something halfway decent, but then I heard about personal car leasing.

It seemed too good to be true,but as I researched it more it seemed like a great idea, and it just took 10 minutes in the car leasing dealership to get rid of my doubts!

I have been driving a leased Audi for a year now! A car I could not have imagined myself buying for another 10 years at the very least.

What is Personal car leasing services and why is it an option worth considering ?

PCH (Personal Contract Hire) allows you to drive a car like you own it, but with monthly payments. In effect, you just rent the car, keep it at home and use it as your personal vehicle.

Car leasing is a long-term rental contract where you sign a lease agreement with the car leasing company for 2-4 years, and at the end of the contract you hand the car back.

Now what is awesome is that you get a brand-new car for very affordable monthly rates – for example, you can drive a brand-new Mercedes Benz A-class for £250 a month or lease an AudiQ3 Estate (that’s the one I am driving) for £325 a month. The range is fairly exhaustive, and you will most certainly find something that covers all your needs.

What’s the catch?

If you are wondering ‘surely this is too good to be true’, then let me assure you, it’s not! Car leasing contracts come with very specific terms,and if you stick to them,then it’s a great way to drive a car that you could not otherwise afford.

Some of these terms are –

Mileage – the car leasing contract calculates your monthly payments based on how much you plan to drive the car. Depending on your usage, mileage for the entire contract term will be calculated and fixed at the start. You can, of course, renegotiate this if your requirements change. If you don’t stick to within the agreed mileage allowance you will be charged a penalty at the end of your contract unless you of course have already renegotiated.

Maintenance – Car leasing companies offer maintenance services which you can agree at the beginning of your lease which will then be included in your monthly payment.However, you don’t have to have this you can choose to maintain the car yourself. Just remember that at the end of your contract the car will be checked for excessive wear and tear, so you need to keep it running smoothly.

Insurance and Other Costs – In a personal contract hire the individual is responsible for the insurance and other costs such as any parking fees, fine and tolls.

Wondering if You Should go for it?

Well, if you are someone who likes to drive the latest and the best car, then YES!

A personal car leasing service not only gives you a chance to drive a newer and better model every few years, but it also gets rid of the whole hassle of reselling old cars AND is super easy to finance.


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